Cream/sugar: This contemporary-classic cream and sugar set is thrown with a warm red stoneware clay, and trimmed to have a finished foot. The creamer has two thumb divots for ergonomic holding and pouring.

Pitcher: The pitcher is thrown in warm red stoneware stoneware clay, then trimmed to have a finished foot and an elongated, comfort-designed, pulled handle. It is glazed in a speckled white glaze (did you know white glaze is all the rage in handmade pottery!?) allowing the rich red clay to show through subtly at the edges.

Northwest Mug: My favorite thing in the morning is choosing which artist-made mug I will use. I call this mug the Northwest Mug, because the shape, which curves in at the top is designed specifically to keep your beverages warmer longer and to fit comfortably in your hands. My “Northwest” mugs are thrown in stoneware clay then trimmed to have a finished foot and a full-grip, comfort-designed, pulled handle. (approximately 14-16oz) Coffee tastes better in a handmade mug!

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