Pottery Wine Glasses

Pottery wine glasses are back in stock at Fern Street Pottery!

These wine glasses come in a set of two and are great for wine, cocktails, or really any beverage- hot or cold! Like all pottery from Fern Street Pottery they are dishwasher and microwave safe, because who wants to hand wash dishes after enjoying an adult beverage or two?! The glasses hold about 14 oz. and have finger divots on either side for a comfortable, ergonomic fit.

The green glazes are contrasted in texture: the bottom glaze is a turquoise matte glaze while the top glaze is an incredibly glossy green that looks like you can dive into it. The area where the glazes meet is always a little different. the line is varied like an ocean wave- sometimes it is smooth, sometimes it has a look of delicately tumbled sea foam in the edges.

A little secret: These glasses are some of the featured barware at the Ritz Carlton golf resort in Florida… order the tequila rosemary cocktail and you might get one. Or order your own set from Fern Street Pottery. Swanky, stylish and functional!


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